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19 November 2013


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Dick Winchester

If 67% of Scotttish "exports" were to the rest of the UK then that tells me two things.

1. Due to chronic underinvestment in manufacturing in particular we are not making a wide enough range of "stuff" to make it attractive to a broader market.

2. The potential - assuming we can make a wide enough range of "stuff" - is therefore absolutely enormous and that provides Scotland with an opportunity we shouldn't be ignoring and makes the case for independence considerably stronger.

Ian Jenkins

The posting of course raises the question: would an independent Scotland be able to replace the present level of trade it has with the rest of the UK - currently its major customer for exports? No doubt the rUK would also lose a market - this might be the least of London's worries - if Scotland departs.

A problem for both is that it's very difficult to sell to the emerging markets as Jim O'Neil, chairman of the city growth commission, acknowledged last week. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/10452730/Its-time-to-look-beyond-traditional-markets-for-sustainable-world-exports.html

Political clout at G20 meetings has become crucial, especially if the world is to move to 'sustainable' trade as the article recommends.
"the real scope for sustainable export strength lies outside Europe and our historic traditional UK export markets. . . many commentators still don’t quite get the scale at which the world has already changed".

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