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22 August 2012


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Edward Harkins

It's so heartening and so important that commentators like Brian Ashcroft state and restate the utter failure that the whole Plan A and Austerity mess has been and will continue to be. It is now purely ideologically driven and jeopardises the interests of all of the UK by heaving the fundamental economic issue into what passes for political 'debate' in the contemporary UK

Ian Jenkins

The lack of demand is a global disaster. Until this is solved satisfactorily we can expect social unrest and savings being plundered by more quantitative easing and the like. Tens of $trillions of debt in the West will ultimately be written off.

On another matter, EUObserver reports that the EU Council chief is drawing up a 'roadmap' for better regulation within the eurozone - a political, fiscal and banking union. An interim proposal is due in October. However national governments can refuse to follow even international agreements on finance that their predecessors in office have signed.

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