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06 April 2012


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Martin Huxford

Hi Brian
Clearly it woule be sensible toi check wether a company are paying Uk tax before giving them 10.5 million of taxpayers money. All of our taxes are higher because Amazon pay no tax.

Pat Elsmie

I'd be curious to know how the additionality stacks up, especially over the longer term. And to what level the intitial incentive given to any incoming business has managed to keep them in a lengthy association with Scotland. Seems to me many have come, and gone.

So what is it about doing business in Scotland that gives rise to "weak business birth rate" and subsequent need for the Scottish government to "hunt for inward investment"? What are we not doing right locally on one hand and on the other, cannot provide enough of for investors?


@Martin Huxford the Scottish Government has no involvement in the collectoion of Corporation Tax as the Westminster Parliament has it as a "reserved issue" which is solely the preserve of the Westminster Parliament. To blame the Scottish Government for something that they have no responsibiity for or even control of is wrong. The same Unionists kicking up a fuss now would if the Scottish Government had denied Amazon a grant be screaming from the rooftops about how the Scottish Government was costing jobs. Also these same Unionists and the Media are also hostile to Scottish Governent demands that Corporation Tax be devolved to the Scottish Parliament which would help combat tax easion of this kind in Scotland.

Furthermore when quaetioned by journalists from the Independent I believe HMRC run by the Westminster Parliament from London has stated that they have no plans to close this loophole and yet the Scotsman newsaper does not deem this worthy of criticis. Brian Ashcroft I commend you for your insightful analysis in overturning the ludicrous propoganda of the Scotsman newspaper.


Martin, if you expect government grants to be based on whether or not the company concerned pays UK tax you will probably not find many companies complying. Let's be realistic here, including placing the blame if any where it is due - fairly and squarely on the UK government.

Alex Gallagher

Cutting corporation tax to beggar your neighbour is a neo-liberal policy benefiting capital and not people or populations.

It also undermines the nation state by setting state against state to the benefit of neither and limiting the ability to calculate and collect taxes and pay for government and benefits.

Cutting corporation tax to beggar another part of the same country is stupid and nasty.

Stephen Boyd

First post I've strongly disagreed with Brian! My response here: http://betterwayeconomy.typepad.com/better-way-economy-blog/2012/04/amazon-a-response-to-brian-ashcroft.html All in the name of constructive debate

Ian Jenkins

Amazon are being bribed to supply needed employment in Scotland? A sign of things to come. Years ago a German industrialist forecast that States would pay companies to provide employment on their territory.

The uncertain political future is also a big factor in the argument over Scottish independence. Unionists argue that Britain would be diminished on the world stage if Scotland were to go its own way - reports the latest 'Economist'. Scotland's departure might simply speed up the political process we see being allowed to happen at present. Maybe political will for survival will be stronger in an independent Scotland.

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