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02 February 2012


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Angus McLellan

A helpful article, not least because "branch-plant economy" is a more neutral term than "colonial economy" which was the closest I'd got to finding a suitable label. Thanks.


Indeed the ribocun has been crossed, the more labour stick to their discredited too daft, too wee Scotland' keek the more irrelevant they become. There is still the need for an education campaign so that people don't vote no out of ignorance, because sadly so many still believe the oft told keek and are not aware of a differing view. Nothing wrong with allowing the electorate an informed choice., although I am aware this may not be in the interests of unionists.I would hope that a referendum on keeping the monarchy would come about in the lifetime of the first free Scottish parly.Also not meaning to leap too far ahead but many are involved with the SNP as the primary vehicle for independence that we so desperately need. Once that has been achieved, will that herald a movement to other parties who have more like-minded individuals or ethos, or perhaps even some kind of split?

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