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I am an emeritus professor in economics in the Strathclyde Business School at the University of Strathclyde. Previously, I directed the Fraser of Allander Institute for 10 years and was its Policy Director for 6 years. Currently, I am Economics Editor of the Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary.

I am a regional economist. My main research interests are the Scottish economy, entrepreneurship, innovation and policy evaluation. I co-edited the book New Wealth for Old Nations with Diane Coyle and Wendy Alexander - see here, published by Princeton University Press, and I have written many acdademic and policy articles for the professional journals.

I have for some time felt the need to comment more frequently on developments in the Scottish economy. I write the Outlook & Appraisal for the Fraser of Allander Institute's Economic Commentary, which appears every four months. I write an occasional article for the Scotsman and other Scottish newspapers, make one or two appearances on Newsnight Scotland and other news related programmes and give many comments and quotes to journalists. All of this I enjoy and I hope it continues.

However, I feel the need to make more frequent and occasionally more in-depth comments than is possible either on television or in quotes to journalists. We are in momentous times. The recent Great Recession and weak recovery, the Eurozone crisis, the movement towards further devolution in Scotland and the ensuing policy debates and policy conflicts means that there is much to comment on. These issues are well covered in the Scottish media. However, I believe that I can make a positive contribution to these debates by offering the perspective of an informed, independent economist. Hence this blog.